Biomass energy center

About Us

We are center who wants to ensure:
cleaner air,
free education and courses about biomass for all ages,
fight for green industries,
biogas industry in Zenica,
employment of young people, prevent young people from leaving the country.

Our services

We are a center that offers solutions for pollution.


Education and Training:
use of resources, about green industry and their application in the present.

Projects and ideas

We offer ideas and projects that are cleaner for the environment and solve youth unemployment issues.


In our laboratory, we test and implement mineral resources that prevent pollution and improve the quality and capacity of industry.

The only place where you will get the perfect solution for all the needs of the community where you live.

Our future users

We want to be useful and contribute!

We want to make young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina environmentally aware, educate and encourage them to protect nature. Likewise, they should use renewable resources in their earliest stages and be highly educated about it.

We want to reduce pollution from mining, promote renewable resources and use them in the production of electricity and heat.

We want to contribute to the improvement of education, create a laboratory where young people will do research and get education and knowledge that they will not get at university.